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Catching the Star


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Hello, everyone, sorry for my silence. Blame bec, who blames Ima, who blames the world and everything in it. Which covers most things, I would think. However, it all means that it isn't my fault.

So I'm in the clear ^_^

Anyway, I feel like a bit of a ramble, so I hope you won't mind if I just dive right in.

Truth is I'm a wee bit worried about becca, well, I know this isn't anything knew, because she's always been a little, well... weird, which is always a cause for concern.

However, I have a very specific worry this time. Over recent times she's started keeping a bit of a journal, mostly for writing purposes, where she scribbles down ideas and the like. This is a good thing, mostly because it means she puts all her ideas in one place and doesn't have to go ferreting around after them at a later date. It also stops her dropping spoilers left right and centre, as she is sometimes known to do.

However, it also causes a few problems. One in particular. She has finally worked out the finite ending to the Aekhartain stories, and I don't know what to do.

I think she's quite excited about writing it, and that means she might do it quite soon. BUT she can't! I'm not finished yet, we're not finished yet. There are so many stories she hasn't written.

She's told me that I should worry, simply because even with an end written it doesn't mean she can't go back and write the rest, fill in the gaps and all that, but I know it won't be the same.

You have to stop her. Please. I don't want to be a homeless character, with no story to reside inside.

She's also been working out some other as-yet-unfinalised points of Aekhartain-nature, which has me twitching. All I can say is she better not test out her death ideas on me, I will not welcome it.

So, anyway, do any you have any ideas of how I can prevent her from doing the unthinkable to me and throwing me out onto the plains of Ima, with nothing but my tattered plot blankets to protect me?

Banners. Banners would be good.

I'll need to plan this, you know, figure out a campaign, work it from there. Do you think?

Maybe I should bribe Ima with plot biscuits and have it bombard her with ideas for other Aekhartain stories. Mérai's already started helping by jumping aboard the Good Ship Drabble, but it might not be enough.

Help me, my reading chums!
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